The Grade of Portal

(Level 5)

This grade, like the grade of Neophyte, is not associated with any of the Sephirah on the Tree. Instead, it is associated with the Veil that separates the spheres of the lower part of the Tree of Life with the middlemost- which comprise the grades of the Second Order and is associated with the element of Spirit. It is a bridge between the two orders and as such, the Portal initiation is comprised of symbolism  from both- the more pantheistic imagery associated with the mystery schools and the Outer Order and the Rosicrucian imagery of the Inner Order (though largely veiled.) Here, the initiate continues to complete the work begun in the Outer Order- (a last chance to refine and strengthen their microcosm)  While beginning to learn some of the more advanced ritual work in preparation for the greater obligations that come with entrance into the Inner Order.