FGDU Grand Temple of Isis, Mighty Mother FAQ's

What is the FGDU-ISIS?

It is a school of Hermeticism that teaches in the ways of the Western Esoteric Tradition. The Order does not pertain to any particular religion but respects all forms of beliefs in Light. The FGDU-ISIS trains the initiate in the magic of light for the purposes of elevating one's self to his/her highest spiritual potential, and for those pursuing the completion of the Great Work which is to unite with one's Higher Genius. The Order teaches these principles for the betterment of the highest good of the individual and to benefit all of mankind in the world that we live in. This is done by performing works of healing, theurgy and magical aid to those in need and for the world as a whole.


It is an order of magical practitioners and teachers (a.k.a) Theurgists, who based the study and concepts on the Golden Dawn tradition, by which occult study can be made understandable and more modernized. We are not just a group of scholars or occult hobbyists, but a group who continually practices these mysteries in search of the completion of the Great Work, the union with the Higher Genius. We practice what we teach and we believe in reaching out with a guiding hand to true seekers in the Light. The system of the Golden Dawn teaches subjects of study in Theurgy, Neoplatonism, Egyptian, Greek, Hermetic Qabalah, Divination, Alchemy, Healing, Astral Projection, Ceremonial magic, Angelic and Divine Invocation.


Why are we referred to as Fellowship of the Golden Dawn Universum?

The term “universum” is a word to indicate that is for all people universally, it is a Universal Golden Dawn Order to all people in all walks of light in their search for the completion of the Great Work.


Other definitions of the Great Work is also known as: “Union with the Holy and Divine Genius,” “Union with God,” “Unity in Christ,” “One-ness with the Great Spirit,” “Spiritual enlightenment,” and “Mastery over the elements,” just to name a few.


The FGDU-ISIS is a branch of the Golden Dawn system. There are other orders that exist today with the Golden Dawn name. Our aim is to continue teaching within the classical Golden Dawn tradition but also to further expand its boundaries in its continual progressive research and teachings of occult science, magical art, and divine theurgy.  It is the hopes of the FGDU-ISIS to see the achievements of success for each initiate, to obtain their highest spiritual potential so that they may in turn assist in helping to teach other students in the esoteric mysteries.


What does it mean to study the Western Esoteric Mysteries?

If you are unfamiliar with the phrase “western esoteric mysteries,”it can appear as something that is vastly secretive, mysterious, and a bit frightening, when in fact this tradition is the key that unlocks: the secrets to life, age old alchemical secrets, qabbalistic mysteries, hidden esoteric meanings in sacred scriptures, magical studies and occult physics that has surrounded us since the beginning of creation. It is also the study to discover the purpose of mankind and our relation to a Divine supreme being. It further is the study of the science of the Cosmos, the origins of creation, the hierarchy of Divine beings of light and their place and role in creation and much, much more.


This is a path that is uniquely suited to our western society as opposed to other Orders that may differ through religious philosophies and other ways of thinking as a school of thought such as new age or metaphysics. This is system of the western esoteric tradition is one that is rooted within our own paradigm wherein we can achieve the desired levels of spiritual attainment through study, practical work, persistence and determination.


How did the Golden Dawn begin?

In the late 1800's, in England, there were three founding fathers: S.L. MacGregor Mathers, William Wynn Wescott and William Robert Woodman. Each of them coming from occult backgrounds, and members of other occult orders, they joined together and formed the Order of the Golden Dawn. The order was to become a workable system of occult philosophy and magic based on the tradition of western esotericism. The Order was also formulated as a preparatory school for the Inner Order of the Rosicrucians, this latter is a second order, separate from the Golden Dawn but of a higher degree with adepts  who professed in practical magic and occult philosophies. It was the task of this inner order who was to oversee the governance and progress of the Outer Order of the Golden Dawn. The order was also formed so that it may teach the western esoteric mysteries in an easy to understand system, rather than the many hard to understand encrypted books of occult study.  Today, there exists various branches of Golden Dawn orders, traditional GD Orders,  follow the system of an elemental grade structure as was from the original order.  Each Golden Dawn order traditionally follows this elemental grade structure, but each order also has their own unique way in teaching the system.


What will you experience becoming a member of the FGDU Grand Temple of Isis, Mighty Mother?

You will experience genuine initiation, you will be given the tools and teachings by experienced mentors who practice what they preach. It is each mentor's task to give the initiate the tools and direct them so that in the end it will aid him/her to attain knowledge and communion with the Higher Genius. To learn more, click here.


How will a life in the magic of light benefit you?

First and foremost, it will strengthen your bond with the Divine, ultimately moving towards that divine union, but it also directly effects your life, reflected in your own health, well being, immediate surroundings, your moral principles, your spiritual awareness and development, and charitable spirit. It will cause you to separate spiritual realities in your life and what is truly important, apart from what is illusion in your life and temporal. It relates to what is said in alchemy: “Learn to separate the pure from the impure.”


What are FGDU-ISIS classes like?

Our classes are taught  by people with genuine experience who have gone through the process of initiation, elemental advancment and inner alchemical changes. FGDU-ISIS mentors who teach classes are trained and skilled in occult philosophy, magical practice and the Golden Dawn system.


Why do we dress in robes and elaborate symbolism?

The ornamentation of ritual regalia sets you apart from the ordinary world, it creates a sacred space and helps to reinforce the idea of a sacred space within your consciousness. Furthermore the robe represents concealment, a sort of creating a spiritual alembic in which you are encasing yourself.  A magical symbol is an object that represents an idea that symbolizes a very complex idea, or spiritual force. By using a particular symbol, you are invoking particular forces within the universe that will cause changes within the mind, brain and consciousness of the initiate.


What is the importance of a good regular study routine and ritual practice?

In high magic, the rewards that are received is an accumulative effort, having magical skill and spiritual power is not something that you simply turn on or off. The daily ritual work that you do constantly prepares you and elevates you, so that you can begin to invoke higher divine forces. You start simple at first, but it takes consistent  work and practice. Studying helps to impress upon ones consciousness the symbolism and philosophical concepts that is utilized so that it can be accessed more easily. Ritual work helps one become elevated slowly and consistently so that it will cause one to easily invoke spiritual forces within the universe.



Why do we attend Initiations?

Initiations are elaborate magical ceremonies that impress symbols and spiritual energies upon your sphere of sensation, due to this, it causes doorways to open to higher spiritual realms that were not necessarily available previously. The purpose of attending initiations regularly, is to continue being fed spiritual sustenance that allows the inner doorways of one's mind to remain open and expanded.


Initiations are conducted by people who have gone through the process themselves who have become what is called a “Temple Officer.” These officers now stand from the more experienced, spiritual perspective, who represent significant forces in the initiation that symbolically guides the aspirant through the veils unto the higher grounds of divine realms. Attending Initiations will also reconsecrate your being to the Great Work as you reflect upon your dedication to Light and devotion to becoming one with your higher genius.


How is the FGDU-ISIS managed and governed?

It is governed as a hierarchy. It is a governing branch of experienced, high grade initiates who operate the Order, and oversee its progress. This branch of the governing body are people who have excelled to the highest of the elemental grades and who governs it. Unlike common people who are hired on for management to run an order and run it like a business, but rather the governing body are experienced, knowledgeable high ranking initiates who can manage the Order and direct its initiates along the straight and narrow path that leads to one's success in spiritual attainment.


What is an Initiate?

An initiate is one who is going through the initial work of purifying his sphere of sensation and preparing oneself in his spiritual growth and development for the greater work. It is someone who is working through the system of the elements and their natures, the aspects of one's inner microcosm primarily, and it causes one to refine themselves through alchemy, preparing one for that greater truth in light.


What is the lesser work vs the greater work?

The lesser work is the preparation of the microcosm, the sphere of sensation of the individual for the greater work, in order to elevate themselves to the knowledge and conversation of the higher self. The greater work is the revelation of the Great Work and the knowledge and conversation with the Higher Genius. It is the synthesis of knowing and understanding your life's purpose on earth and union with the Divine.


What is the Outer Order of the FGDU?

It is the school of magical practice and spiritual preparation for the initiate, who undergoes the state of alchemical stages of refinement through the five elemental grades of earth, air, water, fire and spirit. The initiate whose domain is within the Outer Order of the FGDU-ISIS, is privileged to attend classes, special events, field trips, group ceremonies, and initiations. To learn about each grade click here.


What is the Inner Order of the FGDU-ISIS?

It is a body of Adepts, initiates who have surpassed the elemental grades of the Outer Order and who have excelled in the knowledge of occult science and magical skill. The Inner Order is the beginning of the greater work and practical application of the theories and philosophies that are learned in the Outer Order. The Outer Order is the preparatory school for the inner


What is the Temple?

It is a sacred space in which an initiation can take place with the proper elements held and utilized by officers of experience who wield these symbols to impress upon the sphere of sensation of the initiate. It is also a sacred space of magical working, a hermetic environment where spiritual practices can take place


What is a teaching Sanctuary and how does it function?

It is a place for a gathering of initiates which is presided over by the Sanctuary Host. A sanctuary is brought together to study and to practice various aspects of the outer order curriculum.  A Sanctuary Host is under the guidance of the chief governors of the order. A sanctuary is a smaller meeting place of initiates to learn, practice and study. Whereas a temple is a sacred space in which initiations and major ceremonies can take place, where a sanctuary can not.


Who are the staffmembers of the FGDU-ISIS Temple?

The Order is comprised of three groups of officers dedicated to serving our Order and its membership.


Temple Chiefs - The Temple Chiefs are the administrators of the order - responsible for the organization and care of its members and events.


Temple Initiating Officers - The Current Temple Initiating Officers serve elected every six (6) months to serve and initiate new members into the Order.


Temple Mentors - The Temple Mentors are designated with the teachings and spiritual guidance of the Order's Membership.



How is our grade material organized?

The grade material is combination of study of occult knowledge as well as ritual work.  It outlines a curriculum of practice through the five primary elements of earth, air, water, fire and spirit, the various aspects of the microcosm, the inner pentagram of one's sphere of sensation.  We offer an extensive online library resources of written lessons, correspondence flashcards, audios, and videos for members of all grades.


What does paying dues to the FGDU do?

It is a necessity, all dues are paid in order to keep the order functioning. It pays for usage of our temple, our web features, educational series and grade accoutrements, no one is paid a salary in the Order. The governing body of the FGDU-ISIS work on volunteer basis only.


What are the FGDU online classes?

The classes are based on essential elements and fundamental subjects of study of the grade currculum. The classes are fully informative on various occult topics that would require some discussion, and guidance. Therefore the FGDU-ISIS online class tries to make its lecture readily available in the best ways possible to all initiates in all time zones accross the globe. FGDU-ISIS classes are conducted in two ways: live instructor and pre-recorded classes. Recorded classes are always available for repeated viewing. In some classes the mentor will offer one-on-one sessions to give more personal time to the student on a topic(s) they want to review.


What is the Order's position on Cannabis and Alcohol consumption?

What you do in your personal life is your business.  The Neophyte Oath states that one should not be "placed in a state of extreme passivity or deep induction through the use of substances or other methods". This is the path that leads to self-mastery so the use of these substances can affect and alter the aspirant's ability to achieve the philosopher's stone.


On your membership application, you are asked to truthfully disclose your past history relating to drug/alcohol addictions, mental health, public arrest records and so on. The intention is to understand the potential candidate and determine if they will be a good fit for the Order and vice versa.


If you disclosed that you are STILL an active drug use or an alcoholic - you will most likely would not be invited to join. During the interview process, we would encourage you to seek medical treatment/therapy with trained and licensed professionals. The Order is not a place for those seeking help to overcome their substance abuse and we are not trained or licensed to do so. Therefore it is NOT a responsibility we can take up.


Unfortunately, some may have done a great job of fooling us and was able to pass the interview. If at any time during an Order event or on a social forum managed by the Order, any actions or signs that causes the Order to consider it as an influence of a substance, we have the right to take action. We will help as  best as we can and legally able to - but if the behavior continues - the member will be expelled from the Order.


In regards to the "legal" use of cannabis and general alcohol consumption - we ask that if you are planning on attend any FGDU-ISIS events to avoid being under the influence.  It is recommended that you abstain for at least 48-72 hours before attending FGDU-ISIS meetings or engaging in magical work.


If you have been prescribed cannabis for medical reasons, please let us know so we are aware of the situation.


Those who wish to take their mystical path seriously, usually are willing to agree to the above and many will leave their former lifestyle habits behind for a Greater Purpose.