Archangels & Angels


What does Kabbalah teach about Angels Angels play a prominent role in biblical theology. Therefore, there is angelic doctrine in Kabbalistic teachings as well. According to Kabbalah writings, angels were created before the earth was made, at the point when God said, "Let there be light." Angels were used in the creation of man and are envious of man's free will. There are good and bad angels in a vast network in the spiritual realm. Fallen angels are seen more as nemesis messengers rather than evil beings. Angels are the intermediaries between the upper worlds and earth and oversee everything that occurs on earth.

Some of the main angels mentioned in the Zohar are Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael. There are angels are of  "Grace, healing, justice, love, mercy, moon, mountains, Paradise, peace, praise, stars, trees, truth, and water and much more. Through the angel Azrael, we are able to elevate to the world of
spirit and briefly commune with them without disturbing the order of natural laws of life after death. Life, death and resurrection is the cycle of Light and that which becomes born must eventually come to an end. Death is an alchemical process for "transformation," for it is not the end in and of itself but it leads to a new beginning.


Esoteric Magic and Angels
There are various classes of angels that relate to the Tree of Life, and the uses of these angels in magic are many. Such classes we find in Qabalistic Practical Magic are:

Sephirothic Angels – These angels are attributed to each Sephirah on the Tree of Life
Angels of the Paths – We find these angels as the ruling governors over the paths on the Tree of
Planetary Angels - These angels are also rulers or governors that oversee the nature of all the
known planets particularly the 7 ancient planets known as Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus,
Mercury and the Moon.
Shemhamphoresch Angels – The 72 angels that govern underneath the holy and unpronounceable
name of God YHVH.
Elemental Angels - These angels oversee the nature and functions of the 4 elements Fire, Water,
Air and Earth.
Dark Angels – Classified as “Fallen Angels” under a different name known as “demons” a
malignant spirit that can seduce, afflict or posses humans or living creatures.
Zodiacal Angels – These are the ruling angels over the signs of the Zodiac.

Members are trained on how to invoke and commune with the archangels as part of their magical work.  Depending on the time of the year, the temple will hold invocational ceremonies.