Local & Correspondence Memberships

The Order does not mandate "required" temple attendance in California or any online classes.  We are aware members have other responsibilities and obligations that must come first: career/job, family events, personal/private time, etc. We do encourage local members who can arrange the time  and are within 1-2 hour driving distance to attend at least one monthly event (there are two 2nd and 4th sundays of each month). 

For correspondence members, your community starts online on the Order's Online Private chatforums.   As most religion/spiritual paths, a member of that community will make annual or once in a lifetime pilgrimage to their sacred temples/cities. It is no different for our Order. Once a year the Order has the Annual Conclave for you to receive yoru physical walkthrough of the previous astral initation/advancement ceremonies along with partaking in GD classes and events - lastly spending time with your fellow brothers and sisters.

Our membership system is setup so local members who have busy lives, a family, travel for work and correspondence members receive the same education and mentoring guidance. Learning at your own pace...this is not a race.