Divination & Pathworking

"Be thou discreet, discerning and unprejudiced O magician and then

shalt thou see and hear the voice Divine!"


There are many beliefs and superstitions that people will adopt when dealing with divination. A diviner is a skilled, trained, spiritual individual who has some knowledge of the Divine and the spiritual worlds who can use his art and apply it to any credible objects as a medium for true and accurate Divination. The Art of Divination is truly one that is precious and sacred in the act of Theurgy. Utmost care is cautioned to the aspirant not to defile or degrade this art. This should always be at the fore front of the mind of the magician when attempting to consult the powers of Divination. The magician should be very careful to practice the following instructions that are laid within these commentaries, not to dilute his Divination by taking “shortcuts”, for to do so would not yield true and accurate results, but rather pieces of reflections that can come from his own perception, or worse, from invading entities that are not akin to the divination at hand. The Golden Dawn views the art of Divination in high esteem. It is not a mere tradition, but rather a true magical act that is handed down, also known as the formula for manifesting light. As a magician who is being schooled in the tradition of the Golden Dawn occultism and practice, it is imperative that each step is carefully acknowledge and included in every divination, for in omitting any of the following instructions prescribed would only lead the aspirant into error.


Our members receive training and instructions on how to perform a Tarot/Geomancy Divination and how to pathwork the Tattwas according to the Golden Dawn traditions. The mentors will provide guidance and feedback as well as show how a divination ritual should be performed in order to receive and discern the divine meaning of the divination reading or pathworking.


Geomancy Divination









Learn the history and magical uses of Geomancy as a divination system.  Receive clear explanations of the sixteen geomantic figures and their correspondences with elements, zodiac signs, planets, houses, hours and so forth. Receive detailed instructions and practical guidance on how to use it as part of your magical art of divination work.  

​Tarot Divinations









One of the four obligations of an Adept is to learn various methods of divination and cultivate the Neschamah to be more awakened upon the super-sensuous worlds that are beyond the mundane plane. This class will teach and demonstrate tarot techniques on a beginners and advanced levels on how to be a better reader to better utilize the skill and art of Divination.


The Tattwas allow you to be in touch with the basic, primal and primitive elements that exist on a Microcosmic level and which connect into a Macrocosmic level.  Therefore, the student that learns to master and understand more of himself through the use of the Tattwas will also have the ability to master and understand the elements as a whole. This can range to developing powers such as healing, increase prosperity, and yes, even the controlling of the weather, as well
as a myriad of other benefits.