Members Resource Website

This website contains all resources needed for a student to successful complete their studies grade by grade.

As you navigate this website, you will find various menu options. 


  • Calendar of Events

  • New Members Orientation Review

  • General Announcements

  • Upcoming Events – monthly initiations, grade advancements, temple/online classes, special classes/workshops 

  • Articles - Hermespeaks and Tablet of Thoth articles

  • Grade Portals - Educational resources for all grades

  • Locations - Information on all FGDU temples, sanctuaries, and study circles

  • Mentors - Biography of our FGDU mentors and contact information

  • Officers - Learn about the Temple Chiefs and Temple Officers

Each grade portal level will be accessible (open) to the student when they have successfully completed and advanced into the grade by way of a Grade Advancement approved approved by the Temple Chiefs and the Chiefs of the Second Order.   

Each of the portal is designated to a particular grade containing all the learning material necessary to successfully complete the theoretical and knowledge part of the grade.


Each Grade Portal contents the following:


1.    Audios/Videos – Instructional Guided Audios and Videos, Meet Your Mentor Video Lessons

2.   Files Document – Grade Manual and Lessons

3.   Flash Cards, Mini Quizzes, Practice and Formal Tests

4.   Grade Advancement Information and Instructions