Egyptian Gods & Goddess,

Use of Godforms in Rituals


​The practice of creating and using Godforms, is sacred and ancient art dating back to the temples of Egypt. The priests of the various cults would regularly use this practice to invoke the power of a particular god. Ancient funerary texts still exist that instruct the pharaoh in how to create the godform of a particular god within a magic circle. In the Golden Dawn system, it allows the officer to connect to a specific aspect of the initiating current- giving one the ability (and authority) to perform the initiation.

The fundamental of assuming a “Godform” is different than becoming a “God”. Taking on a “Godform” or shifting one’s psyche or conscious so as to awakening the divine power that lies within us in a state of potential manifestation waiting to be used. The intention behind the work to take on a Godform is to help the aspirant work on specific areas of their personality as each "god or goddess" has unique traits and characteristics to them.