Golden Dawn Temple Attire (Uniform)

One of the important items that the aspiring magician needs besides his magical tools is his own personal regalia. The regalia are the clothing wear of the magician which in the Golden Dawn system consists of a Robe, Nemyss (headdress), footwear and black  sash (badges of achievements). It is necessary for the magician to don the regalia before taking on any magical or meditational work to condition the consciousness that spiritual changes are about to occur.  There are magical purposes in their use that will be shared with you after you are initiated. 


All local members are required to have their temple attire within 3-4 months of membership for personal and group ritual work. We have very limited loaners usually designated for new candidates and thereafter its first come first pick on what is left. It is also noted that when using loaners, it is imbued with the energies of others who also used it even if it is washed after each use.


For astral members within the first year however as magicians one can not perform magical rituals without first placing oneself in the appropriate environment which includes the magical attire.

The Order have outsourced a group of professional seamstresses, pre-selected and approved to provide accoutrements supplies to our membership. All orders are custom-made to your measurements.