Grade Mentors

Order mentors must have attained the grade of 4=7 Philosophus and qualified to be a fully authorized Mentor of the Order. All mentors must complete and pass a thorough examination of their Golden Dawn knowledge and demonstrate an exemplar character. He or she must also be in good-standing as a member of the Order and their communities.

Mentoring requires the time, dedication, and understanding the nature of the work in Service to the Order and its members so as to accomplish the third pillar of light which is Teaching.


Two or more official Order mentors are assigned to the student whose tasks are to aid them on their studies in the Golden Dawn traditions and principles.


The assigned mentors are responsible to assist and guide the student on GD materials, prepare  them for testing and provide recommendation for advancement based on their work and overall character.


Keep in mind, the mentors are NOT certified therapist or counselors to address personal issues, their responsibility is to assist the student with their grade material studies and offer guidance on how to use the Order rituals to improve their personal life and make suggestions so they can resolve problems on their own using magic.