Magical Healing Eucharist

One of the greatest magical acts that can be performed in ceremony is to take a representation of the elements of life, invoke the Divine into it and partake of it into your being. Just like in Alchemy, this magi-cal ceremony will cause aspects of one’s lower nature to be-come purified and elevate it to a higher state of divinity. This helps the aspirant focus more upon his/her True Will in life while nourishing his being in sustenance to continue his search for the stone of the wise along the pathways to enlightenment. In the physical world, the theurgist eventually reaches the level where the soul’s inner divinity re-unites with the Divine from whence it originated , and achieves a new awareness of closeness within humanity and for all creation, the completion of the Great Work.

This is the heart of Divine Theurgy! this ceremony is exemplified in the transubstantiation of the four elements into the living God. For great indeed is the magic of uniting one's lower self with that of the holy Divine Creator. This beautiful ceremony is conducted in the Osirian rites of life, death and resurrection. Partake of this sacred rite and become transformed.

This ceremony represents the Heart of our Order, which is to pray unceasingly for Peace and to provide physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing to all who are in attendance, and all the world. The Lord of the Universe works through each of us. We carry out His Work here on earth. The way we build our own inner Temple is through the constant renewal of the mind, the establishment of spiritual principles, the unceasing devotion to the Higher. Thus filled with the Holy Spirit, we can become part of the Temple of God, the Lord of the Universe. Come with names of those you wish to add to the healing petitions and place them before the shrine of our Patroness Isis, Holy Shekinah.

Please fill out the information below for those you wish to be added to the healing petition list for the Magical Healing Eucharist. It can be for anyone you know - including yourself. One-time entry per person requiring healing is all that needed.