Egyptian Godforms and Angels


Classes and Ceremonies

Our members receive training and instructions on how to meditate with Angels and invocation


Egyptian Gods & Goddesses Meditations/Invocations

The practice of creating and using Godforms, is sacred and ancient art dating back to the temples of Egypt. The priests of the various cults would regularly use this practice to invoke the power of a particular god. Ancient funerary texts still exist that instruct the pharaoh in how to create the godform of a particular god within a magic circle. In the Golden Dawn system, it allows the officer to connect to a specific aspect of the initiating current- giving one the ability (and authority) to perform the initiation.



​​​Archangels & Angels

What does Kabbalah teach about Angels Angels play a prominent role in biblical theology. Therefore, there is angelic doctrine in Kabbalistic teachings as well. According to Kabbalah writings, angels were created before the earth was made, at the point when God said, "Let there be light." Angels were used in the creation of man and are envious of man's free will. There are good and bad angels in a vast network in the spiritual realm. Fallen angels are seen more as nemesis messengers rather than evil beings. Angels are the intermediaries between the upper worlds and earth and oversee everything that occurs on earth.

Some of the main angels mentioned in the Zohar are Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael. Sandalphon is the angel of prayer as is Michael.  There are angels are of "Grace, healing, justice, love, mercy, moon, mountains, Paradise, peace, praise, stars, trees, truth, and water and much more. But there are also angels of confusion, destruction, fear, fire, hail, insomnia, reptiles, storms, terror, and thunder." Accusing-type angels do their work before midnight and much more as well.


In Esoteric Magic, there are various classes of angels that relate to the Tree of Life, and the uses of these angels in magic are many.  Such classes we find in Qabalistic Practical Magic are:

Sephirothic Angels – These angels are attributed to each Sephirah on the Tree of Life
Angels of the Paths – We find these angels as the ruling governors over the paths on the Tree of
Planetary Angels - These angels are also rulers or governors that oversee the nature of all the
known planets particularly the 7 ancient planets known as Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus,
Mercury and the Moon.
Shemhamphoresch Angels – The 72 angels that govern underneath the holy and unpronounceable
name of God YHVH.
Elemental Angels - These angels oversee the nature and functions of the 4 elements Fire, Water,
Air and Earth.
Dark Angels – Classified as “Fallen Angels” under a different name known as “demons” a
malignant spirit that can seduce, afflict or posses humans or living creatures.
Zodiacal Angels – These are the ruling angels over the signs of the Zodiac.

Members are trained on how to commune and invoke the archangels as part of their magical work.

Depending on the time of the year, the temple will hold invocational ceremonies (examples below):

Auriel/Uriel: The meaning of the name Auriel or Uriel is “the Light and fire of God.” He is said to be related to haniel and Phanael, both of these archangels are corresponded to the aspects of Netzach and Venus. Auriel can express himself in our lives through either one of these. The energies represented in these names can be summed up in the quotation “The Lord makes his Face shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee.”  The Light of God (Auriel) gives the ability to perceive and give life to his images. As the Face of the Divine, his images are there to be perceived by the light. As both the light and face of God, he is constant creation and recreation. He is truly the living aspect of earth. The face of the Divine can be seen in the stones beneath our feet, in the trees that grow and in all else that is manifested in and on the earth. This Light gives Life!  Within ourselves, we imitate Auriel in our attempt to understand God and the world in which we live. We are capable of reflecting both the Light and Face of God within ourselves. In this way, we create the images of the world as we each know it and breathe life into those images with the Light of God within us.

Azrael: Life, death and resurrection is the cycle of Light and that which becomes born must eventually come to an end. Death is an alchemical process for "transformation," for it is not the end in and of itself but it leads to a new beginning. Experience the truth about death and why people fear it. Learn about the beautiful angel of transition, of life after death. In the magic of ancient Egypt, the people devoted their entire lives in preparation for the after life, to be able to live in a place among the stars. But the magicians of old also knew that they must pass through the angel of death.  (Biblical Hebrew: ( עזרא ל is o6en iden3fied with the Angel of Death of the Hebrew Bible. The Hebrew name translates to "Help of God," "Help from God “or” One whom God Helps." Azrael is the spelling of the Chambers English dic3onary. The Qur'an refers to a Malak al-Maut ("Angel of Death") but it does not refer to him by the Judeo-Chris3an term. Islamic-Persian tradi3on adopts the name, in the Persian alphabet as , لX عزرائ furthermore adopted into Sikhism as Punjabi.