Neophyte Oath

Please read the Neophyte Oath as it is an important part of your inner contemplation on the mystical mysteries of your initiation.  This oath is made to your Higher Genius as part of your spiritual journey of self discovery on the path. It serves as a guideline to aid the aspirant and conduct as an member of the Order serving the Divine Light. You can give Paul a call if there are parts you want to have explained or other questions pertaining to it.  If you have questions, write it down and discuss it with the Order's membership coordinator.

I, _____________________ in the presence of the Lord of the Universe and in the presence of my Higher Self, the Divine Guardians of this Order, and this assembly in this Hall of the Neophyte of the Order of the Golden Dawn Universum, do of my own free will, hereby and hereon most solemnly promise to keep secret this Order, the names of its members, and any and all proceedings that take place at its meetings from every person in the world who has not been initiated into it.


Nor will I discuss Order proceedings with any member who has not the current password, or who has resigned, been expelled, or in general has fallen away from Order attendance and participation and Morning Star studies.


I undertake to maintain a kindly and benevolent relation with all Fraters and Sorors of this Order. I will treat all members as if they were a brother or sister, as if we shared the same mother, the same father.


I solemnly promise to keep secret any information I may have gathered concerning this Order before taking this oath. I will neither copy nor allow to be copied any manuscript, except for personal use, until I obtain permission from the Chiefs of the Second Order.


I solemnly promise not to suffer myself to be placed, nor place myself in, a state of passivity through nether mesmerism, drugs, alcohol or any other method of deep induction. I will maintain control of my mind at all times, less others influence me or manipulate me into purposes of serving their own greed or lust.


I solemnly promise to preserve and defend this Order with courage and determination in the labor and study of the Divine Science and I shall always uphold the integrity of this Order through the virtues of the infinite pillars upon which this Order is built - Love, Truth, Knowledge. I will not debase my mystical knowledge in the labor of evil magic at any time, tried or under temptation.


I, in addition, promise to uphold the decisions of the Chiefs of the Second Order as final in the governance of this Order. Neither will I encourage schism nor encourage or suggest other members abstain from Order participation or membership under a heavy penalty exacted by the Chiefs of the Third Order - the Divine guardians of the Mysteries.


Finally, I foremost pledge myself to Divine Light, to the magical way of life, to the principles of brotherly love and to the future development of the spiritual through the greater understanding of the Mysteries and the Order of the Golden Dawn Universum.


I pledge this secret.


I pledge a sacred oath with my mighty and secret soul.


I do so swear.