Special Classes & Workshops

Aside from the traditional Golden Dawn grade classes, we offer a variety of classes/workshops through the year on many topics. Some are taught at our Annual Order-Wide Conclave or at one of our Monthly meetings accessible to all members - physical and via the online conference software. The online conference allows live-video streaming for members joining is as far as Europe and South America. This option also allows local members to join via conferencing too. These workshops are usual 60-90 minutes long and on some occassion up to 2.5-3.0 hours. Some may have practical work as part of the class.

The following were classes taught in the past:


Hermetic/Spiritual Alchemy

Fundamentals of Alchemy and understanding the universal process of nature demonstrating the dance from Chaos to the Greatest Good. Taking a soul through the separation of the impure (Black Work) to the purification by the spirit (White Work), followed by the purified state of the Quintessence and finally being consumed in the transmutation state (Gold Work).

Alchemical Theosis and Parts of the Soul

Basic alchemical formula for producing Philosopher Stone.   Understanding parts of soul as alchemical elements. How alchemical formula when applied to parts of the soul result in psycho-spiritual transmutations that can produce an Internal Philosopher Stone and open the door for true higher divine Theosis and union with Divine.

Art of Spirit Evocation, Theurgy, and Invoking Angels

Theourgia comes from two words meaning “divine/god” and “work/make”. Together it may be rendered as “divine work”, in that the operations involved aid the soul towards divinity, or as “the work of god” in that it is the divinity invoked that does the real work upon the soul. Alternatively, it may be translated as “making gods” in that the theurgist attempts to make his and other souls divine.  Magical ritual is a methodical means that incorporate mystical formulas to generate spiritual forces to cause manifestations intended to make changes on various levels of reality.  Theurgy, on the other hand, is the use of ritual, both physical and mental, to purify and elevate the soul, to harmonize her with the Divine order, and effect a communion and union with the Divine beings and ultimately with the Allpervading Divine Source. The art of Magic aims to unite the lower Will with the forces of nature or the Cosmos to service our physical needs, while Theurgy emphasizes uniting our lower Will with the Divine will, allowing the Archetypes (gods) to integrate within us, and thus elevating and establishing our consciousness onto higher levels of awareness.  Discussion of the various classes of archangelic/angelic beings and how it is incorporated in the art of Magical Invocation. 

Alchemy & Sacred Art

Spiritual enlightenment, gods, the Divine, the cosmos, mankind's unending search for the origins of his life. Hidden in the history of magical ritual and secret archives about the cosmos, lie hidden the keys to
transform the human soul into a living god. Within the past centuries, famous artists as Michelangelo, Raphael, Da Vinci, only to name a few, has expressed hidden alchemical meanings within their artwork, the secrets to elevating the human soul. Discover these hidden symbols of alchemy that has been locked away in the very portraits of famous artists. Learning how to identify and crack the code of these occult meanings and reveal the message that they hold.

Aromatherapy and Magic: Its Use and Importance in Ritual

Discussion about the physiological and psychological effects of the use of aroma through history and especially in ritual. Understanding the Brief History on the Use of Fragrance, The Mechanism of Smell / Physiological& Psychological Effects. How the planetary and zodiacal forces works in aromatherapy.

The Art of Spiritual Combat/Magical Defense

Who or what are the true antagonists of the magician? What is spiritual combat? What defense do we have?  There are real forces in the universe that confronts the initiate that serve to draw the initiate away from his path to enlightenment, but in the long run, they serve to strengthen the magician as well. Protecting your spiritual path - Light versus darkness, good versus evil, these are real forces in the universe that intermingle with all of creation of what makes up reality as we know it.Learning the teachings on the nature of spiritual combat for all those who have the persistence and determination to reach true adepthood. 

Astral Projection and Rising on the Planes

Astral Projection and rising on the planes is at once, one of the most exciting and intimidating aspects of our magical tradition. While mankind has always been enticed by the prospect of leaving one's own body and traveling to fantastical places, we are held back by the limits of our own belief system.  The theories behind astral travel, defining the geography of the Astral Plane and, what “Rising on the Planes” is. We will also learn some simple techniques and exercises that will help break down those barriers and allow us to take the first steps in our astral adventures.


In Western Esotericism, it is understood that the personality of the human race are composed of the arrangement of the stars above. The soul of the human individual is a carbon copy of the map of the stars of the entire Universe, a microcosm of the macrocosm. Understanding the basic fundamentals on how to analyze a natal birth chart. There are no two individuals on this planet that are exactly the same. Because of this, every individual has unique characteristics, motives, dreams, desires, weaknesses and strengths. Creating an Astrological Natal birth chart is much like revealing an owner’s manual of himself.

Cube of Space & The Tarot

A road map of our mystical journey to Enlightenment; from the cycle of death and rebirth to the path of the Seeker, the journey of the Initiate, the way of the Adept, to finally master over Darkness and the Light.





Elemental Magic & Talismans

In the project of Self Discovery, the Initiate must venture into the different realms of reality found within him/herself and within the natural Universe.  Each of the spirits have their own capabilities and some of these are listed in the ancient grimoires or texts, and although they do not necessarily need to be invoked through ceremony to be active in nature, they do have their involvements with the human race and in the endeavors of life.


Geomancy Divination & Sacred Geometry and Magic

Learn how the geometric framework and patterns found throughout Nature can be used to build sacred structures to anchor higher dimensional vibrations to assist us in expanding our consciousness beyond our programmed limitations.

Greek Magical Papyrus

A great and resourceful store of information of ancient Greek knowledge and practice.

Healing with Magical Grids

Healing is to make one whole, but there are many methods by which one can conduct and direct healing rays of light.  Come and participate in this class where you learn and come to understand how to use crystals using esoteric knowledge to create geometrical magical currents to produce true and invaluable healing light.

Hermetic Enneagram & Kabbalah

Learn more about self discover, who you are and what your characteristics are made up of mostly, in this interesting topic of the Enneagram types and descriptions.

Hermetic Wisdom And Mystical Prayer

The mystic aligns himself with the Divine through spiritual knowledge and the use of various prayers and meditation. while the magician combines this mystical communion with the laws of Form and Force.  How does prayer work? How does one pray and how does one choose certain orations among countless prayer books? What is mediation and how does it work upon the mind/body/spirit connection?  Experience in this class how prayer and meditation are classified and utilized by the Adepti. Prayer is represented by the Middle Pillar while magic is attributed to the Severe and Merciful pillars. Both principles of Oration and Magic are needed as a formula to unlock the door to the Higher Self and then invoke it into one's being.

Magic of Colors  - Golden Dawn. Minutum Mundum

Colors are Forces, and the nature of these forces are projected through the magical Will. Exploring the nature of spiritual forces contained within the colors of the spectrum. "By names and images are all powers awakened and re-awakened!" colors play an important part in magic just as much as geometrical shapes, symbols and Divine names. Learning the esoteric powers behind the science of colors of the Tree of Life.

Magical Infusion

Magical Infusions are designed for the use of ingesting magical medicines for the soul or more specifically the Ruach, which is the embodying force of the personality. We understand that the personality expresses character and with each character, personal behavior is formed.

Nature of the Microprosopus, The Inner Universe

The little universe found within the human being is an exact replica of the greater universe of the Macrocosmos. If one chooses to understand the universe that surrounds each of us, one only has to look to within. This class will review, the nature of the ego, and how obsession and possession occurs.

The Microprosopus Timeline Healing

Time Line Therapy utilizes a person’s own internal use of “Time” to work with their unconscious minds in a variety of ways; including, healing emotional traumas and eradicating unwanted thoughts, emotions and behaviors.  Time Line Therapy will teach you a collection of techniques that allow you to gain emotional control over your life. Inappropriate emotional reactions, such as bursts of anger, periods of apathy, depression, sadness, anxiety, and chronic fear, are responsible for preventing people from achieving the quality of life they desire. Limiting decisions, such as “I’m not good enough,” “I’ll never be rich,” or “I don’t deserve a great marriage,” create false limitations and hamper your ability to create reachable and attainable goals and outcomes.

​Planetary Magic

Planetary forces are responsible for influences upon human situations and worldly affairs. Unlike their brothers the Zodiacal energies, whose influences are in the dealings of human personalities, Planetary forces when invoked on a pure, unadulterated, Macrocosmic level can be a powerful and sometimes devastating current of force. The ancient mystics of the past recognized the most influential “wanderers”  were seven in number, they were known as the seven ancient planets. These planets that were attributed to the mythological gods of ancient past, much like their deities had duel natures. The two sided powers of the planets can either bestow blessings or inflict their vices upon all of nature in the natural order of the earth. Remember always, the wise saying of the sages past “Although the stars rule over man, it is the wise man that rule over the stars”. Use the power of the planets wisely, and they can serve the true magician well.

Preparing the Vessel with Compassion Meditation

An introductory class on the synergistic practices of meditation, adoration, contemplation, etc and how they enhance magical practices. To cultivate union with the Divine through magical and mystical practices Mysticism: To attain hidden truths and personal transformation through practices that expand and fine tune one’s consciousness Magic: To raise and direct energy to achieve a specific purpose.

Rosicrucian Healing

As above, so below, as within so without, healing the mind will heal the body. Our ancient fore-founding brethren of our Order has known that sometimes to begin to heal the body, one must start at the core of the soul. This class will teach and demonstrate the uses of esoteric knowledge combined with emotional therapy to overcome the many maladies of the body, mind and soul for overall healing.


Developing Clairvoyancy, Pathworking & ​​​Scrying Skills

Within our tradition, there are three aspects of spiritual projection taught within the Golden Dawn System of Magic, Clairvoyance (Scrying in the Spirit Vision), Astral Projection (Traveling in the Spirit Vision) and Rising in the Planes.  The need for developing our abilities of clairvoyance, is set forth in one of the edicts of the Inner Order, where it is stated that the Initiate's task is to develop his/her spiritual senses upon the super-sensuous worlds. Contacting beings in various spiritual worlds such as the elemental, stellar and astral kingdoms, is only the beginning of one's spiritual adventure. The Initiate's true task is to venture unto the higher, spiritual realms of the Divine where one may encounter transcendent beings and Divine entities and receive further guidance on how to unite oneself with their Divine Genius and complete the Great Work. This class will introduce fundamental tools used to develop our clairvoyant senses and the means for using them as taught within the Golden Dawn tradition. This class is open to all grades and its contents will include information normally reserved for the higher grades.

Summoning/Contacting Spirits

In magical adeptus training, you are taught to develop your spiritual awareness upon the super-sensuous worlds, meaning developing the skills of clairvoyance, clairaudience and astral projection.  Contacting spirits and learning to discern them is an important skill that is needed to receive information from the spiritual realms in assisting the magician in his great work. Learn methods on spirit contact and how to dicern light spirits from dark spirits.