Spiritual Ministries

The Three Pillars of Light




It is important for those who truly seek to attain the accomplishment of the Great Work to be a part of all three. All members aspire to accomplish all three stages of growth.

Initiation: The first ministry is Initiation by becoming an ordained Priest or Priestess in serving as an Initiating Officer of our Order for a six-month term. The individual will fufill the first aspect of the three ministries (Initiation). The key however is to eventually serve as one of the greater officers of either the Hiereus, Hegemon or Hierophant.

Healing: The second ministry is Healing. Our Rosicrucian roots teaches us to heal and that freely. As students of the mysteries we become obligated with the rites of light and the ability to administer their virtues. The Golden Dawn is limited to the amount of practices in different forms of healing, but the outer order material serve as a foundation as a preparation for the greater mysteries found in the teachings and practices of the second degree.

Teaching: The third ministry is Teaching provided by Mentors who has attained the grade of Philosohus. This ministry also involves teaching in various forms: classroom environment, online meetings, sanctuary hosting, assigned as an assistant in of the variables above.